The Food of Bhutan Simple yet Delicious

Food of Bhutan is simple, yet delicious. On first impression, the cooking method would suggest that the food is bland, but the reality is just opposite. The Bhutanese prepare yummy appetising food with their simple methods. With their food, they can make the guests licking their fingers. The Bhutanese are also fond of eating Tibetan specialities such as momo and noodles. They eat fruits like watermelon as dessert with their meals.

Cooking Method
The Bhutanese cook meats and vegetables with water and oil. Using this method, most dishes can be made in very less time. Although Bhutanese method of cooking food is quite simple, yet the food is delicious. It could come as surprise for those who are accustomed to cooking food employing complex methods.

Use of Chili
Chilies are used in preparing almost all Bhutanese dishes. Other than the chilies, there are few ingredients. Bhutanese don’t use spices in cooking their food. Just with chili and salt, they can cook delicious food.

Bhutanese consume rice with their meat and vegetables. The dishes are accompanied by rice. They are fond of red rice, with is a short grain of light, nutty flavor. Red rice is the part of every Bhutanese banquet. Sometimes, rice is flavored with saffron.

Other preferences
Bhutanese are fond of eating cheese. Cow’s milk cheese is loved by them. Yak cheese is also a preference. Apple orchards are abundant in the country which also produ ces more than 400 varieites of mushroom. Meat and fish are usually imported from India. Most popular beverage among the locals is Bhutanese tea, known as souza. Tipping is usually not practised in Bhutanese restaurants.

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