The Food of Mongolia It is Somewhat Traditional

The nomadic life and geography have played an important role in Mongolian cuisine,several traditional dishes are delicious but all together the food is not very diverse. So, if you find yourself longing for more Western foods, you can easily find them at the Ub-Delicatessen Restaurant in Ulaanbaatar.
Since the people lead a nomadic life-style, they mostly eat products from their animals: meats and milk. But the food is prepared in a variety of methods and added to vegetables and noodles. Beef and mutton are the most common basis for their cooking and prepared in a rather unique way. One dish called Boodog starts with a whole carcass of a goat. It is roasted from the inside. First the entrails and bones are removed through the throat and the carcass is stuffed with burning hot stones, the neck is tied and the goat begins to cook.
Breakfast and lunch are the most important meals and usually consist of a soup made from boiled mutton with lots of fat and flour and some rice or yoghurt. The main drink is a salty tea but men also drink either vodka or a drink called ayrag from fermented mare?s milk.
The most common dish is called buuz which are, in essence, steamed dumplings. Also common is milk tea. Again, if you start searching for something different to eat, come to the Ub-Delicatessen Restaurant in Ulaanbaatar–familiar food for the traveller in Mongolia.