The History of Mexico

The History of Mexico is known to be one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It is an important country which is located in Northern America. The history of Mexico can be traced back to the arrival of native inhabitants who settled down in the place about 12, 500 years ago. You will get tremendous interest as you go through the important historic places and study about these sites. Your historic trip is going to be a memorable one as there are abundant historic sites for the travelers to see in Mexico.
Civilizations play a major role in shaping up the historic platform of Mexico. Mexico is a kingdom of five ancient civilizations namely, Olmec, Teotihuacan, the Toltec, the Aztec and the Maya. Each of these civilizations carried their distinctive marks within their culture and tradition. Also, each of these civilizations settled in specific regions of Mexico. Evidences have been found in various parts of Mexico. There are lots of historic monuments, temples, sculptures and other antique items that you will be watching as you come to Mexico for an historic excursion.
Today, these ancient civilizations of Mexico are supposed to be very developed and well advanced. You can get idea of that as you study the architectural detailing of the pyramid temples that are available in some of the parts of Mexico. It is from this single building structure that you will get a clear idea about the advanced mathematic and astronomical concepts that were developed by the ancient people of Mexico. Also, tremendous astronomical, medical and theological developments took place in the country which can be traced back to ancient history. Mexican History carries all the relevant documentation about these developments that took place long time ago.
With the invasion and conquest of Spaniards, the land of Mexico got influenced by the European civilization for the first time. It is with the entry of Spanish people that the locals were introduced with Christianity that was brought to the country by the Christian Missionaries. They spread the message of Christianity amongst the native people and thus this religion came into existence in the land of Mexico. There were series of revolutions and war that become an important part of Mexican History, as described in the books of Mexican Liberation. Some of major battles that were fought in the country are the War of Mexican Independence, War with United States, War of Reform and many more.
Some of the historic sites that are mentioned in Mexican Tourism are Toltec Warrior Columns at Tollan, Olmec colossal head at Jalapa, Pyramid temple, Mayan architecture situated in Uxmal and many more.