The Red Sea

The Red Sea is a conductor between the continents Africa and Asia. It connects the Indian Ocean at the south through the Gulf of Aden. Sinai Peninsula and the gulf of Aqaba are located in the north to the Red Sea. The round areas are very reputable for its majestic and amazing sites for tourism , especially the ecotourism. Its depth is between 500 m near the coast and 2500 m in the center. It contains the most amazing coral reefs chains in the world. The Red Sea is one of the most beautiful and mysterious seas in he world and it is one of the largest tourist attraction areas in the world. When you visit the Red Sea you can enjoy the most rare, beautiful and amazing species of the sea creatures. Red Sea is known with its very excellent temprature, or sometimes hot temperature.This refers to the location of the Red Sea in an arid land, between desert and semi desert. The water of the Red Sea is always freshly renewable or exchanged because of the rains and the connection with the Indian Ocean. The Red Sea has a very saline water. This is as a result of the high temperature and the process of evaporation. The tide range in the Red Sea is between 6m in the north and 9m in the south while the center is approxmately without tide. Temporal and spatial currents variation is as low as 0.5 m and are controled by wind. Generally the velocity of the tidal current is between 50-60 cm per sec with a maximum of 1 m per sec. Red Sea is controled by the influence of regular and seasonally reversible winds. surface water temperature is about 2125 C. There are good temperature and visibility around.

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