The Solid Mass of Manengouba

The solid mass of Manengouba is a famous unspoiled site. Formed by old volcanos, it lends itself to short excursions. From the villages where the coffee is cultivated, one goes up in a few hours in the middle of the solid mass where live the Bororos stockbreeders. It is not rare to see such a division of space. The farmers occupy the plains and the first buttresses, the stockbreeders (of ethnos group peuhl) settle higher.

This old volcano belongs to the Western volcanic dorsal, like the Mount Cameroun and the Bamboutos Mounts. It dominates of its 2,411 meters of altitude.

At the top, the luxuriant vegetation disappears to leave room to green hills

One finds there also 2 lakes of craters, where one can bathe

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