The Square

The Square is the heart of Pitcairn. The Court House, with a veranda running along its entire length, takes up one side of the Square, and outside, on a plinth, stands Bounty’s anchor, which was recovered by The Yankee in 1957. The hall serves as a meeting place for official meetings and as a focal point for social gatherings and public functions. The internal walls are decorated with historical and official portraits and memorabilia.


Directly across the Square, from the Court House, is the Church. The Bounty Bible is displayed beside the pulpit. The Church is open to the public and the Bible can be viewed at any time. On the third side of the Square is a building containing the Island Secretarys Office, Library and Post Office and facing it, alongside the main road, is a long bench where people sit and wait for church or sit and idly gossip. At both ends of the long bench there are two bells, which are rung on various occasions. A series of strikes in ones and twos is the call for prayer; three strikes signifies public work; four strikes is the signal for a share-out of food from a passing ship (this is not common these days); and five strikes announces the arrival of a ship.

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