There is lot to do during tour of Swaziland

Climb Sibebe Rock – an extreme hike up the front face of the massive Sibebe Rock monolith. This is only a 3-hour hike from bottom to top and back down again, but believe it, this is a walk to write home about. Using a local guide is strongly recommended. If you fancy yourself as a hiker, give Swazi Trails a call about this famous route.

Paragliding – Tandem paragliding offers first-timers the option of soaring like an eagle in the careful hands of a trained instructor. Emoyeni Paragliding is Swaziland’s well-renowned paragliding school. Beginner and Full Pilot’s licenses are offered as well as once-off tandem flights on a daily basis. Call Swazi Trails to book your own tandem flight today!

White Water Rafting – Swazi Trails operate one-day trips down the Great Usutu River, the river stretch includes Grade III and IV rapids and is widely believed to be the best white-water rafting in Southern Africa after the Zambesi River. Trips are undertaken in 2-man Croc rafts and are guided by professional white-water guides.

Adventure Caving© – The 1st fully commercial caving operation in Southern Africa. Swazi Trails are the pioneers of Adventure Caving©. Join an active and explorative trip into the vast Gobholo Caves. Overalls, helmets and lamps provided as well as snacks, refreshments & a soak in a hot spring. Half day or evening trips depart daily.

Mountain Biking – See Swaziland from a unique perspective. Cultural tours involving interaction with the local people or wildlife safaris at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, all from the bicycle saddle. Join a friendly Swazi guide for a relaxed day out, available from Swazi Trails or Mlilwane. No special level of fitness required.

Visit the Inganga / Sangoma at Mantenga Cultural Village or Matsamo Cultural Park – An Inyanga is a traditional healer who uses medicinal herbs to treat causes of illness. A Sangoma is a traditional healer chosen by the ancestors or emadloti who uses this line of communication to identify cures for bodily, mental and emotion illnesses.

Watch cultural dancing – Matsamo Cultural Park and Mantenga Cultural Village both offer cultural entertainment and one can witness traditional Swazi culture and lifestyle. Sample traditional food, tour a Swazi village and watch some sibhaca and ummiso dancing.

Visit Art Galleries -Endlotane Studios houses the work of artist Albert Christoph Reck who derived some of his work from San (bushman) cave painting found right in our very own Kingdom. These paintings are used to produce beautiful hand-woven mohair tapestries. Indingilizi Gallery has on going exhibitions of original paintings, sculptures and other crafts from Swaziland and Africa. Guava Gallery has hand-woven tapestries, hand-painted silk blouses and carves and other art and craft.

Visit Ngwenya Glass – Watch a small group of Swazi craftsmen and women expertly craft animals, birds, drinking glasses of all shapes and sizes and other decorative ornaments out of recycled glass collected from around the country. Swazi Candles- watch crafters shape and decorate candles into colorful animals and other beautifully shaped candles. The making of these candles is worthwhile sight and can only be witnessed at their Malkerns factory-shop

Visit Craft Centres – KaMalandela’s situated in Malkerns, Mantenga Craft centre in Ezulwini and Peak Fine Craft in Pigg’s Peak all offer a great variety of art and crafts made in Swaziland.

Hike to Malolotja Waterfall- Situated in the North west of Swaziland, visitors to this nature reserve can experience the true solace of wilderness. A highly recommended hiking trail is to the Malolotja falls, Swaziland’s highest waterfall dropping over 100 metres into a forested gorge.

Visit Shewula Mountain Camp – The Shewula Nature Reserve has walking trails that vary in length and difficulty, leading down the Lubombo escapement to the Mbuluzi gorge. Not only are the views breathtaking, but there is an abundance of birdlife and the area is renowned for its ancient ironwood forest. A guide is recommended to entertain you with tales and fables of the local wildlife & give you a feast of fresh fruits picked from trees in the forest.

Mkhaya Day Tour – Mkhaya Game Reserve is Swaziland’s world-renowned Refuge for Endangered Species, and is famous for its role in halting the decimation of rhino in Swaziland due to poaching and illegal trafficking. A wide variety of game can be viewed in open Landrovers at surprisingly close proximity, with guiding by bush-hardened Swazi rangers.

Visit the lions – Join a game drive at Nisela Safaris for a chance to spot the lions or do a self-drive through Hlane Royal National Park. Also to be seen at Hlane are elephants, rhinos, giraffe and much more.