Things to Do in Brazil

You will have a chance to indulge in a number of things to do in Brazil during your Brazil tour. Visitors never cease to be surprised at the broad range of colorful and interesting activities available to them here. The numerous remarkable things to do in Brazil are themselves reason enough for any traveler to spend a few days here.

Bird watching is an important and interesting activity that you can list in your thing to do in Brazil list. Pantanal here is the perfect destination for this purpose. Many colorful species of birds abound this place. Your challenge will not be sighting the birds; rather it will be keeping track of the many things that are happening around you. Another popular destination from the viewpoint of bird lovers is the Atlantic Rainforest near Foz do Iguau. Caving is also another inclusion into things to do at Brazil. Tours are available taking you to the depths of wilderness and providing you insights into how these caves are formed. You will see the interesting species that dwell in these cave ecosystems, like albino bats, spiders and fish. Opportunities for underwater cave diving or ice-caving are also provided in few locations.

Things to do in Brazil also include other activities like fishing, trekking, shopping and of course partaking in the Carnival. Fishing is a popular activity in almost every part of the country. Various types of water bodies here provide you ample scope for fishing. Trekking involves exploring the diverse ecosystems here on foot, helping you interact directly with nature. In the absence of motorized transports there is no chance of alarming the wildlife due to the rumbling of the vehicles and you will have a chance to see them in their natural habitats. At the Amazon and Pantanal, trekking allows you to come close to many interesting and unique flora and fauna.
Shopping is also one of the popular things to do in Brazil. You can look for indigenous crafts. The Carnival is a four day event which you must see. The Dates varies from year to year. It offers you a glimpse of the peak holiday season in Brazil, when you will have to fight with tourists and Brazilians alike to get a room anywhere in the country.

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