Things to do in Cook Islands

Things to do in Cook Islands include plenty of adventure tours and activities that keep you engaged. A large island so to say, Cook Island is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. It comprises of 15 islands in all and thy all cluster in the center of the Pacific Ocean. Things to do in Cook Islands include adventurous tours and also plenty of interesting activities for the pleasure of the tourists. The place has a population of 14, 000 though the islands are often considered to be larger in size than India. Rarotonga is the capital of the group of islands and is one of the most interesting and important places that you must visit while on a tour to Cook Islands.

The best thing about the Cook Islands is its many beaches. You can go for a walk in the palm fringed beaches that conglomerate on the beaches. The white, soft sand beneath your feet make it all the more lovely. Things to do in Cook Islands include visits to these beaches and partaking in the activities by these beaches. Rarotonga has a different kind of beaches. Having a volcanic origin, Rarotongan Beaches are more like a coral reef that encircles the entire island. The calm beaches are engulfed by the blue lagoons. There are only 3 sand beaches in Rarotonga. It is not a good place for swimming or other water sports.

Things to do in Cook Islands would include island hopping to the 15 islands that it consists of. The Aitituki Island is one of the best islands to go. There are blue water lapping on to your feet in the sand beaches. You would find sand beaches too. You can go for swimming as well as sunbathing at any of the beaches in the islands other than Rarotonga. Rarotonga is however, one of the most famous tourist spot as there are many parks, museums, and old historic villages that offer a good glimpse of the ancient culture of the island.

Among other Things to do in Cook Islands, surfing and diving are the most actively participated games in the island. A trip to the island is incomplete if you miss out surfing and diving in the blue water that encircles the island.

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