Things to do in Poland

Things to do in Poland throw up a plenty of options to a tourist. These include exploring the national parks and beaches, horse riding, climbing and even sailing. So tourists can enjoy the various Things to do in Poland, while they are on their Poland Tours.

One of the most important things to do is to hike in some of Poland’s national parks and nature reserves. Nature enthusiasts must visit the Kampinos National Park, and the Bieszczady National Park which is home to the brown bear, lynx, and wolf and wildcat. The Bialowieza National Park, the last major refuge of the European bison as well as being home to many other rare forest-dwelling species and trees over 400 years old should also be included in the itinerary.

Another important thing to do is to climb or ski in the Tatras. Zakopane is a centre for climbing and winter sports. Here you can visit the beautiful Koscieliska Valley, the mountain of Kasprowy Wierch and the glacial lake Morskie Oko.

Horses have traditionally been a popular animal in Poland. Horse riding enthusiasts have a large choice of riding schools to choose from. The stud farms are renowned the world over and welcome guests. You can also ride on a Hucul which is a very rare Polish mountain pony.

Apart from this, you can also ride in a horse-drawn sleigh. As the snow falls throughout Poland, so these rides are on offer throughout the country all the time.
Things to do in the country include sailing a boat in the Mazurian Lake District. The district consists of over 1,000 lakes. It is also a favorite angling destination. Well known lake-trail takes a person through several lakes and canals.

As mushroom picking has been a Polish tradition for centuries you can well begin your day by picking mushrooms in the early autumn in the unprotected forested regions.

Beach lovers can head to the beach resorts of the Pomeranian coast. These include Kolobrzeg and Leba which is famous for its fabulous white sand. Further east to the Hel Peninsula, there are some more good beaches and camp sites.

While in Poland, you should not miss out enjoying the nightlife in the bars and pubs of the country.