Things to do in San Marino

From sightseeing, shopping to enjoying the local delicacies in the restaurants you will have a number of things to do in San Marino. Sightseeing in San Marino will be an interesting affair as you will find a number of charming museums and architectural monuments which narrate the history of San Marino to the visitors. It is known that San Marino is the only place which faintly resembles the characteristics of Italian city-state. This small politic unit has its charm of its own and you will be delighted with the endless list of things to do in San Marino.

All those who plan to travel to San Marino will be enthralled with the natural beauty of the place. As you walk up the winding roads of the mountains you will be lost in the land of clouds and you will find the stretch of Emilia Romagna which adds a new dimension to the beautiful vista. This small town preserved with utmost care gives a fine picture of the medieval world. It is always better to walk down the pathways that connect the towers located behind the mountains.

All those who plan to travel to San Marino must include the Government Palace, the Art Gallery, the Basilica and the State Museum and Art Gallery in their list of sightseeing. Visiting all the charming places adds to the charm of things to do in San Marino. Some of the places of interest include a visit to the Malatesta Castle in Serravalle and the charming coin museum located in Borgo Maggiore. You can visit a number of archeological sites in San Marino.

If you are still wondering about the things to do in San Marino then it is best to start from 24 Ore di San Marino. This is popular as the sailing regatta and famous for the Gran Premio Formula 3000. All the sports enthusiast will simply love to be a part of these grand events. If you are a philatelist and have ample time in your hands there will never be dearth of things to do in San Marino. To begin with you can visit all the shops where you might just hit a priceless gem and hit a jackpot.

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