Things to do in Singapore

Things to do in Singapore comprise an almost never-ending agenda because there are innumerable things to do in Singapore. Singapore, a shopper’s paradise, an industrialist’s dreamland, a vacationer’s relaxation haven, and a workaholic’s ideal destination is home to several department stores and shopping malls, nightclubs, bars and eateries and sightseeing attractions.

Orchard Road of Singapore is one of the best places for shopping, dining and wining. For here there are department stores and shopping plazas galore that sell anything and everything that you require for living a life comfortably on this planet. Whether it is furniture or food, clothes or carpets, accessories or artistic paintings, cosmetics or cars that you are looking for, Orchard Road houses stores and shops selling all these goods and is an ideal venue for splurging during shopping in Singapore. The Ngee Ann City is one of the largest stores of Singapore in Orchard Road.

A mention must be made of the many restaurants and bars in Singapore, a huge number of which are present in the posh locales of Orchard Road, the most happening area of the city, and one of the chief things to do in Singapore is visiting these bars and restaurants for gastronomic delights and heady cocktails.

‘Mustafa’, a famous and gigantic store in the locale of ‘Little India’ in Singapore is a must-visit, even if you have no Indian roots, simply because your exhaustive program of things to do in Singapore will remain incomplete if you don’t visit Mustafa. The finest silk and satin fabrics are available in Mustafa. The silk saris, sarongs, and skirts and blouses are woven with intricate embroideries and are extremely appealing to the shoppers and suitable as evening wears in parties.

Things to do in Singapore also include visits to Singapore’s sightseeing attractions such as its Underwater World and Dolphin pool in its Sentosa Island.

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