Things to Do in Taiwan

With its picturesque coastline, its lush natural vegetation and its colorful past, Taiwan is a fascinating place to visit. While the vast Pacific coastline and the towering Central Mountains offer the most picturesque locales, the historic relics scattered across the country provide a fascinating journey through the past. Taiwan indeed is a colorful place which provides a number of exciting activities for its tourists. Given below are a few things to do in Taiwan:
A major thing to do in Taiwan is sight seeing. The coastal location has gifted the island with exquisite locales that draw in hosts of tourists from across the globe. The island has a number of famous beaches that are stunningly beautiful with their white sand shores and their coral reefs. The surrounding mountain range also invites a number of visitors with its picturesque valleys, waterfalls and hot springs. The offshore islands of Taiwan are equally beautiful and the Green Island and Orchid Island are frequently visited for the serene locales they provide. Taiwan is blessed with a natural vegetation that is home to innumerable species of orchids, flowers, birds, insects, and animals.
The rich cultural heritage of Taiwan provides yet another attraction for the tourists. The island is dotted innumerable shrines, monasteries, and palaces which stand here to speak of the eventful history. Though the foreign influences are evident in every aspect of Taiwan, the aboriginal culture still looms over the island giving it an exquisite richness. The best time to visit Taiwan is during its festivals. The spring festival, lantern festival, dragon boat festival, or moon festival, are all colored in a tradition which promises a unique experience altogether. The first thing to do in Taiwan therefore, is to delve in the fascinating spots and events that the island presents.
Taiwan’s natural landscape provides a number of exciting activities. While the mountains are ideal spots for hiking trips, the azure waters promise a memorable journey through its marine life. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular beach activities here, while the lush tropical forests are frequented by the birds and butterfly watchers. Grass Skiing is another interesting thing to do in Taiwan as the mountains are covered with the perfect spread of grass to encourage the sport.
Shopping is of course a major thing to do in Taiwan. The island is famous for its numerous night markets and world class shopping malls that give the shoppers some of the best deals.

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