Things to do in Tonga

You would not get disappointed when you are in Tonga. There are various things to do in Tonga. The things to do in Tonga include indulging in various adventure sports, camping, cruising along the waves of the sea and sightseeing.
The most important of the things to do in Tonga is that you should indulge in the various adventure sports while you are in Tonga. Visit Vava’u and go on kart surfing. Choose either a one-seater or a two-seater kart and enjoy yourself. Sailing in a dinghy is another adventure sport that you should enjoy when you are in Tonga. It is a great experience for all ages!
If you love water then you should try out the following: jet boat rides, wake boarding and knee boarding, taco tubing or banana boat ride. Enjoy the sea by any of these boats.
Tongasphere is a special type of adventure sport which you can experience only in Tonga. It is a must do thing in Tonga. You can either choose the dry tongasphere by choosing to come down the hill or try out the wet option by sitting in 20 liters of water.
The second one in the list of things to do in Tonga is bird watching in Tonga. There are ten varieties of extinct birds that you can see in Tonga. These are Pacific Swallow, Tongan Whistler, Pacific Pigeon, Polynesian Triller, Megapode and many more.
When you are in Tonga, do not miss the opportunity of trekking in Tonga. This you should include in your things to do in Tonga list. ‘Eua is the most famous trekking area of Tonga. You can also walk through the pristine rainforests of the ‘Eua National Park. There are caves to be explored and waterfalls to be visited.
Another important one among the things to do in Tonga is whale watching. Get into a catamaran and go on a trip to the deep sea and listen to the sweet song of the whales. The hydrophones in the vessels make it easier for you so that you can listen to the songs of the whales.
Finally you should not forget about visiting the sightseeing attractions in Tonga. These include visiting the Royal Palace of Tongatapu, the Royal Tombs and the Christian Landing Place.

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