Thulagiri is a small island near the middle of Male Atoll. It’s approximately 150m across and very intimate, yet stays within the affordable price range for most travellers.
You have a choice of beach bungalows or over water accommodation which has been added recently. Overall it can accommodate around 100 guests. The bungalows have solid floors and thatched roofs with a sizable bathroom on each one. The main resort building has sand covered floors and thatched roofs and is open to the outside world. This gives it a great open air feeling. There are nos trick paths around the island and the accommodation seems randomly placed with plenty of palm trees giving a very intimate feel.
There are several great things about this island. The staff and friendly, you can walk around it before breakfast in a few minutes even at a casual pace and it is within range of Male and several other islands. One thing that is worth doing is getting up just before breakfast, walking around the island in the quiet time, grabbing some bread from the restaurant and wading out waist deep into the water to hand feed the fish. You will get swamped with all sorts of colorful fishy guests and it’s loads of fun. But be weary of some of the larger fish who may turn up for a free feed, they have razor sharp teeth and a number of guests have required stitches after trying to hand feed groupers.
The best thing about this resort though, is that because it is in the center of an atoll, it’s reef is circular and within an easy swim from any side of the island. Every day, guests swim out to the reef edge and simply snorkel around exploring the huge numbers of coral and fish. Turtles and dolphins are also regularly seen around the reef. But like all Maldivian resorts, Thulhagiri offers diving and other sitracts to keep you busy if the swimming and laying around on the beach gets too difficult.

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