The poor mans version of Beijing. If youre a foreigner, Tianjin a great place to live for a few years. Prices are cheap, people are overwhelmingly friendly and laid-back, and it has all the conveniences of a big city with the atmosphere of a small town (if thats possible for a metropolis of 9m). If youre a tourist however, Tianjin offers only minimal destinations of note, and most of these center around food. To be specific, Tianjin is most famous for four types of food:

1) Gou-buli Baozi (pork/veggie buns)

2) 18 Street Ma Hua (hard twisted churro-like sticks)

3) Er-duo (some salty/sweet ear-shaped pastries)

4) Jian-bing Guozi (breakfast burrito with oil-stick in the middle)

Other recommended sights:

Ancient Culture Street (bring your negotiation skills)

Bin Jiang Street (Tianjins answer to Nanjing Road)

Food Street (notice the recurring street theme)

TV Tower (get a great view of the smog from above!)

Nankai and Tianjin University (Chinas Princeton and Brown)

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