Tijuana has a reputation for being a wild city, even for Mexico.


Tijuana is located in the northwest of Mexico, at the north end of the Baja California Peninsula, and it is close to the USA border. San Diego is about 25 Km north of the border…the actual city at the border is called San Ysidro, which happens to be the south terminus of the San Diego Trolley. It is the largest city in the territory of Baja California.


Things to see and do in Tijuana (other than drinking tequila) include going to the bullfights, rodeos and shopping at Avenida Revolucion.

For those who want to venture a little further south, there is the city of Rosarito, some 35 Km south of Tijuana. It used to be a sleepy fishing town, but now it has gotten busier…this is where the ship for the movie Titanic was stationed. There is a nice beach, and some bars and hotels. Another 50 Km south of Rosarito is the city of Ensenada. Ensenada is larger than Rosario, but a lot smaller than Tijuana. Also on the coast. For people who are interested in wines, there is a small wine country east of Ensenada (inland). It is the Valle de Guadalupe. It is not Napa Valley, but it is a new growing industry in the area, and perhaps some tourists may want to check it out.


Tijuana has an airport, with flights to other cities in Mexico. Most of the tourists, however, visit crossing from California, USA. So, if you have time, it is an OK place to visit for a couple days or so.

For those tourists entering from the US, keep in mind, going to Tijuana from San Diego is indeed leaving the USA, so once you leave, to return, you will need a NEW entry to the USA with all the paperwork required. Make sure all your paperwork is in order before you walk into Mexico.

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