Tokaj is a small historical town in North-Eastern Hungary, worldwide famous for its white wines. Among all the cities of the world only 137 settlements are considered to be an International City of the Grape and Wine, and Tokaj is one of them. And one can hardly find a person, who has never heard of probably the best known of wines, Tokaji Aszu (‘Old Tokakj’).


The flora and fauna near Tokaj mix the elements of mountain and plain. Forests, abundant in strictly protected rare species, cover the hillside of Kopasz Mountain. Those who are fond of undisturbed nature and bird life can enjoy rare moments if they visit the neighbouring Tokaj Bodrogzug Protected Nature Zone , known as the land of marshy tracts. For fans of angling and water, this active part of the Tisza is a Paradise. The same goes for the river Bodrog, which is low and with a very gradual fall. It has especially beautiful scenery with beautiful old trees alongside. This river has not been regulated by barrage yet. Pinewoods, beeches and oak-forests cover the neighbouring hills and, at their feet, vine-roots ripen the grape.