Toronto Islands in Canada

The Toronto Islands, Toronto is a favorite tourist destination in Canada. The network of islands, collectively referred to as The Island was originally a peninsula which offered the area a naturally-protected harbor. However, later the peninsula was broken up into 6 islands during a raging storm in the year 1858 and was cut off from the mainland by a channel which was subsequently deepened artificially. Toronto Islands, Toronto became a summer retreat for the city’s wealthier citizens, with dozens of permanent cottages and a large tenting ground by the 1920s.

On weekends, an amusement park and baseball stadium attract thousands of visitors from the mainland to this Toronto Islands in Toronto. The Toronto Islands turns out to be prefect gateway for the people wanting to relax at the end of a tiring journey. There is a picturesque summer amusement park, paddle boats and bikes for rent, in-line skating paths and plenty of grass and beach area for nice picnics with families and friends.

The summer cottages from the 1920’s are home to some 250 families and feature delightful English-style gardens and pathways. Some 1.2 million travelers visit the Islands each year by a 10 minutes ferry ride which departs from the foot of Bay Street.

The Toronto Islands provide the most spectacular view of Toronto’s impressive skyline, and are user friendly. No cars are allowed, which make the area favorite for the cyclists, walkers and rollerblade enthusiasts. There are many lagoons and waterways that remain filled with ducks and swans.

The most popular of the Toronto Islands in Toronto is the Center Island, which features huge picnic areas, green space, a maze, a beach, a chapel and award-winning gardens. It also features an amusement park that includes some 30 rides, a petting zoo featuring farm animals and pony rides and picturesque swan boats circling a small but beautiful lagoon.
Hanlan’s Point provides a quieter escape, with an excellent clothing optional beach and is the home to Toronto’s famous haunted lighthouse. Wards Island is home to small and pretty cottages, wildflower gardens and a boardwalk along its southern, lakeside edge.

The Toronto Islands are thus a chain of small islands providing a shallow natural harbor for the Toronto city. As one of the most popular recreational destination, it is a home to a small residential community and an airport.
Some more islands under the group of Toronto Islands, Toronto – South Island: consists of 5 islands with park and marina facilities, Snake Island: park facility, Olympic Island: park facility, Muggs Island: park and marina facilities, Forestry Island: park facility, Algonquin Island: residential and marina facilities.