Tortola is the largest island in the British Virgin Islands and contains the capital city of Roadtown.


The island is fringed by many long, underpopulated, gorgeous beaches. Tortola is one of those gems of an island that instantly makes you feel a million miles away from long commutes and obscene work weeks–and starts you trying to figure out how you might be able to make a living as a professional beachcomber.

As with most Caribbean destinations, you undergo serious temporal distortion for your first day or so. While on Tortola, you are most definitely on Island Standard Time–and nothing you can do will change that. It may take 45 minutes to get your lunch order–but who cares when you have an unobstructed view of miles of torquoise water, a gentle offshore breeze on your face, and an endless supply of excellent cheap rum and tropical fruit juices. So don’t snap at the customs officers, whine to the young lady at the front desk, or stiff the bellhop–just open the relief valve on your pressure-cooker brain and RELAX Tortola will infect you very quickly with tranquility if you just let it.