Tourism continues to grow in Slovenia

The Balkan nation of Slovenia welcomes an increase in tourist traffic.
Slovenia is seeing an increase in tourists, new figures revealed. According to current data from the Statistical Office of Slovenia, tourist accommodation facilities in Slovenia welcomed 873,678 tourists, accounting for 2,640,156 nights of accommodation during the first five months of this year.

In May of this year alone, according to the statistical office, tourist accommodation facilities welcomed 66,501 Slovenian and 146,872 foreign guests, for a total of 600,927 nights of accommodation. Compared to May 2006, these numbers show an 8 percent increase in the number of tourists and a 5 percent increase in the number of stays in May 2007.

A comparison of the total number of stays during the first five months with the same period last year shows an 8 percent increase, with the number of foreign tourists increasing by 10 percent and the number of accommodations by Slovenian tourists increasing by 5 percent. During the first five months of 2007, foreign tourists made for 57 percent of stays; of these, 74 percent came from Italy (21 percent), Austria (16 percent), Croatia (11 percent), Germany (11 percent), United Kingdom (6 percent), Hungary (3 percent), Russia (3 percent) and Serbia (3 percent).

These data provide an additional incentive to Slovenian tourist professionals to make their guests’ stays as pleasant and as interesting as possible. They are particularly successful in the health spa resort area, which has become the most important segment of Slovenian tourism over the last few years. Slovenian health resorts have never welcomed as many guests as this year. They already number 236,354, or 13 percent more than during the first five months of last year. In May of this year alone, resorts had 44,021 guests, which is a 3 percent increase compared to May 2006.

In two thirds of the fifteen spas for which the Slovenian Spas Community keeps regular monthly records of guests and accommodations, they are very pleased with the number of guests in May. The 8,200 beds in spas had an average of 54.5 percent occupancy with five spas exceeding 70 percent and three others not lagging far behind. At the same time, apartment and camping site occupancy was boosted by 2 to 3 percent to 41.9 percent and 37.1 percent, respectively. The number of Slovenian guests increased by 8.3 percent and the number of foreign guests by 4.5 percent. Other guests stayed in spas for a shorter period of time, which caused the total number of accommodations to increase by no more than 0.2 percent. Most of the foreign guests came from neighboring Italy, with their number rising by 13 percent, as well as Austria, Croatia, guests from other European countries and Germany.

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