Tourism in Yemen

Tourism in Yemen

Sea Oura and the Greenes of the Palm Trees

Yemen beaches and tourist islands, such as Socotra Island, are characterized by the sea aura and Palm trees that, send their shadows on wetted beaches by the kisses of the waves. However, if you desire more enjoyment of the sea and the recreation on the coast, just go to any of Teham’s valleys or beaches. Wadies are barried under the palm trees, as Almolk valley, Zahri, Yadhtol, and Mawshag.
After swimming in the sea, you can walk only few steps to have a shower with fresh water that is coming up from the same beach.
Fish, as it is known, are divided in to two types: Bone and Endo-stosis Fish. Fish have different types and forms, therefore, their foods are varied, fish meats are delicious and its nutrias benefit is more than that of land hunts. This is beside thousands of sea animals and beings; that are hard to be mentioned. In short, or summary, dealing with sea tourism and diving hobby of sealovers because there are Albohri, dolphin and sea horse. This kind is more seen by Yemeni and Omani fishermen. Beside these, there are other sea animals which are called sea foxes, sea stores, with all its kinds in addition to their kinds of fish and sea dogs.

Fishing and Diving Tourism

Who wants to sail and explore what exists in the Yemen Two seas, the Arabian and the Red Sea, and dive down the sea and Caves, and bottom holes he will see wanders, of all kinds of water Animals and living, or beings, among which 1250 sorts of swimming fish which is invaluable food fortune.

Most of the Red Sea fish live in-group, or clusters some of them follow ship traits and accompany it in the hope of finding their foods. The majority of fish are forced to go up and surface on the sea water in order to breath from time to another. Fish sizes range between 2 centimeters and 12 Meters, and the weight of the biggest fish could reach a 1000kg. In the forties and the fifties, fishermen in Aden were fishing a kind of fish that weighed between 600-700 Kg.

Kinds of fish exist now
There are plenty of fish in the Arabic and Red Sea and of different kinds, some of it only to mention few, rather than to list all of them are:-

-Al Karkadan (sea Octo-bos), Al -Robian or Al-Gambari (it is a sea shell animal Mostly reside in warm places)
-Alboury Fish (Magil Cephalus), Addairack, Al-Arabi, Al-Gahsh, Al-Kod (Cottees) Cod Zainob, Amakin and Allakin (Stingers).

The Oldest fish

The oldest fish in the history of sea fishing is Alquilacant. It is said that this was since Dyphoni Age (300 Millions years). This fish has strange parts. Also, this kind was a historical and famous fish. After, it come flat fish such moshay fish, the Blaysi, and stick fish. This beside variety of kinds of fish and water beings which have brighten parts that help them to mate and light reflection related to mating. Sea here still has urgent need for diving tourism especially after the availability of special scientific Instruments so that experts who love sea, tourism, and diving can reach depth plains, cave and lower sea beds.

Develop to it minimum potential. The specialized tourism agencies of the government are not the only concerned authorities in this regard. The tourism industry requires inputs from all the government institutions (as well as the Arrive to /Section), especially those involved with the task of developing the infrastructure and production/ service sectors. Developing the tourism industry requires the availability, in Yemen, of the followings:-
-Excellent roads throughout the country. A modern telecommunications system globally linked. A well-trained staff for all the relevant tourist services in the concerned private and public tourist facilities. Excellent hotel/ accommodation service with reasonable rates and nationwide availability.
-Simplified procedures for visitors to the country, from issuance of visas to airport/ seaport reception and departure. Incentives for investment tourist related services, whatever their size maybe.
-Maps, brochures and printouts, which guide the tourist, whether at the particular tourist site or for the Republic as a whole, in addition to providing informative points accordingly.
-Preservation of the environment and natural scenic locations. The above is in addition to the availability of other basic elements such as security, safety, electricity, health facilities of a high standard and other infrastructure basics. On the other hand, potential at reactions for tourists need to be developed and maintained so that they are kept in excellent conditions. These include. Archeological sites, museums, natural scenic locations/ campsites, parks, beaches, coral reefs and Islands, especially Socotra, with distinctive Yemeni residences and quarters. It can then be seen that the government must provide the conditions and facilities that will encourage investment in this feasibly productive sector many of which will also lead to the development of other sectors, as well, in additions to creating employment opportunities for those who are unemployed. Moreover, economic activity will have a chance to be distributed all over the country, especially in the areas that will be of interest to tourists. Development of tourism requires long and short term planing, as well as, coordinated efforts of all concerned principals, or, institutions whether directly involved or not with the tourism industry so that this sector can become one of the most productive and effective economic sectors, as soon as possible. Small beginnings can indeed lead to great potentials if given the proper attention.


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