Tourism of Lithuania

Though Latvia has been a fairly popular destination for tourists from Scandinavia for some years, its Tourist industry is not as big as its neighbors.

The industry is beginning to develop at a noticeably faster pace since the Latvia joined the European Union in 2004 and the subsequent choice by airlines of Vilnius as a low cost destination from Western Europe.

Soviet Sculpture Gardens – Grutas Park – Stalin World

This attraction is situated 120 km southwest of Vilnius on the A4 highway near the town of Drusinikai, (Tel (370 82 33 555 11). This strange and very controversial establishment has been described as where Mickey Mouse meets Stalin. It a a 30 hectare site which is surrounded by barbed wire and guard towers. Inside are 65 statues od leading former Soviet Union Communist Party members including Lenin and Stalin. Though not directly pro the old Soviet Communist Party it has offended many Lithuanians as it understates the atrocities and punitive experience of Lithuania under communism. The fact that it is combined with an amusement park and the owner readily admits he relishes any publicity however good or bad has offended many people who nicknamed it Stalin World.

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