Tourist Attractions in Daman and Diu

Daman attractions comprise of the various religious sites and ancient buildings that still retain the old world charm. Most of the buildings of the region were constructed during the colonial rule of the Portuguese in the region.

The Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary is a religious sanctuary that was built in the 17th century. The ceiling of the chapel is embellished with different hued rose petals. The lives of saints are illustrated in the apse of the chapel.

Collector Office, Daman and the Municipal Council, Daman are the two oldest buildings of the region. Both the buildings were constructed during the colonial rule of the Portuguese. The Collector and the District Magistrate of Daman holds office in the premises of the Collector Office, Daman. The office of the present day municipality of Daman is situated in the Municipal Council, Daman.

The House of Bockage, Daman is the former residence of the 18th century Portuguese poet, Bocage. The house lies by the left door of the fort at Daman.