Tourist Attractions in Ebeye of Marshall Islands

The tours to Ebeye offer an amazing experience to the tourists as they have loads to explore in the form of Tourist Attractions in Ebeye. The Tourist Attractions in Ebeye form the crux of the tours to the place. Ebeye is frequented by many tourists and is a perennial destination which offers great elements for a fantastic trip. Ebeye has all the ingredients that make for a perfect touring experience. The tourist attractions in Ebeye are scattered all around the city which makes the tours even more exciting.

Ebeye stands as the most populous island of Kwajalein Atoll located in the Marshall Islands. Ebeye is also the cradle of Marshallese culture and is situated in the Ralik Chain of the archipelago. Though the atoll covers an area of only 80 acres but offers loads to explore. The total population of the place is around 12,000, making the place a little crowded, especially in the peak tourist season. Visitors will always have a great time in Ebeye enjoying the surroundings along with the interacting with the locals. The visitors will also enjoy the nice and cordial behavior of the locals while on a trip to Ebeye. The trip to Ebeye offers the tourist a great opportunity to enjoy the cultural intricacies that are inherent to this region.
One of the popular Tourist Attractions in Ebeye in Marshall Islands is the Flame of the Forest. The flora family of the atoll is also filled with amazing collection of hibiscus and different-colored plumeria flowers which comprise the colorful side of the atoll. The tourists enjoy a great time in going past these attractions. The tourist attractions also feature the various spots in the atoll where they can witness the amazing colonies of corals. There are at least 160 species of corals which surrounds the islands.
There are various uninhabited atoll as well around Ebeye. A visit to these atolls is simply amazing that takes the tourists into an amazing tour coconut and papaya plantations. The visitors can also witness the pandanus and breadfruit trees in these atolls.

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