Tourist Attractions in Taroko Gorge

There are many popular and must see tourist attractions in Taroko Gorge that you must include in your itinerary to make your trip to Taroko Gorge complete. Here are some of the suggested tourist attractions in Taroko Gorge that are worth exploring.
Aboriginal Cultural Village,Taroko Village – This scenic village is located just a stone’s throw away from the Sun Moon Lake. It is a must see destination to see with your family. There is an entry charge that must be paid by everyone who wants to visit the Aboriginal Cultural Village, Taroko Village. The natives of the village are very polite and helpful. The village is indeed one of the most sought after spots of sightseeing in Taroko Gorge. If you are lucky enough then you mat get some discounts too.
The vast spaces of land, the lovely gardens and the ambiance of this village are some of the many attractions that will keep you glued to this place. Each village represents a distinct tribe and you will also find a museum that houses the aboriginal artifacts. The village and its ethnicity are very well preserved and the settings are spectacular.
Taroko Gorge – Taroko Gorge is a yet another very important tourist attractions in Taiwan. This gorge is a open gap in the mountains and has cliffs rising up from the river bed. The Taroko Gorge is 12 miles long and also features a lovely rushing white water river. The narrow and picturesque ravine is adds to the attractiveness of this place.
The Eternal Spring Shrine, Taroko Gorge – If you want to visit a place in Taroko Gorge where you can feel blessed and sanctified then this spot of sightseeing is the one. It is one of the most spectacular and must see attractions in the city. This tourist attraction is not situated very far from Taroko Gorge. The Eternal Spring Shrine in Taroko Gorge was erected in the reminiscence of the workers who lost their lives while constructing a highway through the Taroko Gorge. The Eternal Spring Shrine, Taroko Gorge is in fact a Zen monastery and has been built close to the spectacular waterfall.

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