Tourist Season of Belize

The best months to visit Belize are the drier ones (December to May), but this is also the busy winter tourist season when prices rise and hotels fill up. The tourist hordes are out during the couple of weeks either side of Christmas and Easter; some accommodation will be priced even higher during this period. The rainy summer season (June to November) is cheaper and isn’t so wet that you can’t do anything (except at times in the south, which has two to three times as much rain as the rest of the country).

Criminal Activity
While most visits to Belize are trouble-free, violent crime can be a problem. It is confined mainly to Belize City, but serious crimes, some targeting tourists, also occur in the Mountain Pine Ridge area and the ruins near the Guatemalan border. Use common sense to avoid dangerous situations: only travel at night when necessary, use reputable tour operators and respect any local advice regarding safety. Only hire taxis with official green license plates and no-one else except the driver on board.

This tiny nation is so laid-back it’s almost comatose. Dabbling its toes in the Caribbean Sea, Belize has more in common with its island neighbors than the fiery volatility of Central America – its history is thoroughly coup-free. Soak up the glorious natural wonders and rich cultural history.

Unpaved roads, high prices and a lack of infrastructure make it a difficult place to travel, but Belize compensates with brilliant diving, dramatic ruins and pristine jungle – secluded eco-lodges cater for sedentary adventurers. The English-speaking population is mainly Creole and Mestizos (mixed descent).