Tourists throng Rajasthan’s Pushkar fair

Pushkar (Rajasthan): Hundreds of tourists have begun thronging Pushkar for the annual Pushkar fair, said to be the world’s biggest commercial fair for camels, horses and cattle. The fair is a big draw internationally, giving a boost to tourism in the state. It is an amazing fair. It is like a film set all the time. It looks fantastic, everyone is happy.

Everybody loves it, said British tourist, Joanna. Camels are particularly a major attraction for foreign tourists as they enjoy rides on them or in camel carts. The fair also attracts a large number of traders and buyers from neighbouring states. However, this time, the traders are unhappy over the decreasing number of buyers.

There is no rain or sufficient fodder for the cattle. That is why people are selling more cattle than buying them, said Dhana Ram, a camel trader. An otherwise sleepy town, Pushkar comes alive in November. It is an occasion for villagers to gather together and enjoy the welcome break from their harsh desert existence. It is also an occasion for Hindu pilgrims to converge and take the holy dip in the Pushkar Lake and pay obeisance at the Brahma Temple nearby.

On the occasion of Kartik Poornima (full moon) every year, almost 200,000 people come to Pushkar, bringing along with them 50,000 heads of cattle, camels and horses to enjoy the colourful event. The Rajasthan Government has been promoting this fair as an international attraction by adding colourful folk dances and cultural events.

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