Tracking mountain gorillas is an experience you will never forget.

However, some people are so obsessed with taking that one, perfect picture, that they will go to great lengths to do so and forget to enjoy the time allowed with the mountain gorillas. Time is limited, you only get one hour. In addition, the vegetation is dense, there is often not enough light (take 800 ASA film) and the mountain gorillas move around frequently. Therefore, if you really want to be sure to be able to take good photos, your only option is to go several days (e.g. 3 days or so). Viewing the mountain gorillas on a particular day is NOT guaranteed and you are not entitled to refunds (unless you are ill, then your gorilla permit is refunded). When I was seeing mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda, other people in the group often defied the rules (or at least tried to) to get closer and take better photos. As a result, the trackers – instead of being able to explain things – spent their time trying to keep certain individuals from getting too close and disturbing the animals. Please stick to the rules and keep your distance, as the mountain gorillas are highly endangered and can get ill and may even die from human-borne diseases.