Traditional dances of north west

On festive days, Thai ethnics dance round the fire and a vase of rice whisky is participated by people of all walks of life: old, young man and women, boys and girls in the merry sounds of gongs and drums, slender Thai girls dressed gracefully in colorful costumes and brocade scarfs. Dancers attract villagers as well as visitors, the old and young, males and females. Dancers stand in a round, hands in hands. In single ring, they dance counter-wise. In double ring, they dance clock-wise, things that attract participants lies in melodious music and easy dancing steps.

The hospitality of Thai girls to invite guests for dances and for drinks shows their politeness and good training. People feel more friendly, lovely and comfortable when they dance hands in hands. There were formerly 32 dance categories but only few have been preserved today. The merrier the ring-dance is, the more graceful and impressive hat-dance turns to be, female-dancers with white conical hats in hands (now they close, then they open) make the scene like whitish flowers. Dancers sometimes swirl the hats round their heads or sometimes cover their fronts that make the scene like a school of butterflies. Dancers seem to express their daily life activities: farming, weaving, picking flowers and fruits Each dance has its specifications but people find it very easy to dance due to the friendliness and simplicity.

During overnight dance festivals, dancers and visitors feel passionate, excited to fast steps and music. Everybody is fascinated to the musical sounds, night-lights and the warmth from Thai girls hands.

(Vietnam Tourism Review)

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