Transkei is a region situated in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It is also the name of an Apartheid-era Bantustan (195994) corresponding to this territory. The Transkei is bordered by the Umtamvuna River in the north and the Great Kei River in the south, while the Indian Ocean and the Drakensberg mountain range of the landlocked kingdom of Lesotho serve as the Transkei’s respective eastern and western frontiers. The main city is Mthatha, usually given as ‘Umtata’ on maps and in English-language medium materials. The meaning of Transkei is the area beyond the Kei River.


The Transkei region is a gorgeous region in the Eastern Cape, extending from roughly Durban to East London. Rolling hills, beautiful coast line and picturesque farmlands provide for a delightful drive through this area. Within the Transkei, the Wild Coast offers destinations such as Cintza and Coffee Bay, both popular with the backpacking crowd. Coffee Bay is beautiful (esp Hole in da Wall) and is really safe. The locals are quite friendly and you’ll experience unmatched peacefulness.

The coast is one of the most spectacular regions of the continent and almost all coastal hotels offer reasonable if not 5 star accommodation. The local people are more friendly and helpful than many other places in South Africa. I would feel a lot safer having a puncture on a gravel road in Transkei than the vast majority of places in the world.

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