Transport in Reunion

Transport in Reunion possesses a network of highways, which cover a total distance of 2,784km. Of that length, 2,187km of the road system is paved. There are no railways in Reunion, with the exception of a short tourist line, which was originally part of a larger rail network. The construction of a new 70km tram-train is planned.

In terms of sea travel, there are two major ports in Reunion: Le Port and Pointe des Galets. Reunion possesses a merchant marine of one ship with a weight exceeding 1,000GRT, which is a chemical tanker.

There are two airports on the island, of which both have paved runways. The main airport is the international Roland Garros Airport located close to Saint Denis and the second one is the Aeroport de Pierrefond, located near Saint-Pierre in the south of the island.

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