Transport in Thailand

Transport in Thailand is enormously disciplined and makes the whole stay in Thailand relaxed and trouble-free. The air, rail and road transport is very capable.

The different islands and cities are linked to each other and the tourists can easily move about the country. Bookings and reservations should be done sooner in advance to avoid the hurry at the last minute.

Transport in Thailand operates wonderfully in the forms of rail, metro systems and several major airlines. The State Railway of Thailand operates 4,070 km of 1.000-m gauge railway line (294.63 km double track and 106.01 km triple track). Bangkok is the only city with a metro system, consisting of the Bangkok Skytrain and the Bangkok Metro subway. The railways are linked with Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Within Thailand the towns connected through rail are Bangkok, Surat Thani, Phetchaburi and Ratchaburi.

The system of Public transport in Thailand is very cheap and affordable even for long distance land transport. Vehicle transport within most cities consists of the three wheeled ‘tuk tuks’ and the ‘songthaews’. These are spontaneous forms of transport and rarely do they follow a timetable. Comfortable air conditioned buses are used for long distance travel. These are not really expensive though there are buses without air conditioning that can be uncomfortable for long journeys. Inner city buses are numbered depending on their destinations.

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