Transportation in Bahrain

Transportation in Bahrain are convenient and makes your visit to Bahrain easy. This country is located in the Persian Gulf. You can find Saudi Arabia to the west of Bahrain and in the south, you will come across the major city of Qatar. Large number of visitors from all corners of the world throngs this city to savor its natural beauty, charm and magical splendor. It is recommended to go to this country during November to March so that you enjoy to the fullest. The country is connected with the rest of the world because of the excellent Transportation in Bahrain and this is sure to make your trip a wonderful experience.

The presence of the international airport makes it widely frequented by both the national as well as international travelers. The Bahrain International Airport serves the country of Bahrain. Various flights arrive and depart from this airport from all over the world. It is the principal center for international flights, cargo carriers and charter operators. The major flights includes Gulf Air, British Airways, Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Lufthansa, Oman Air, Iran Air, Syrian Air, Olympic Airways, Air Canada, Japan Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways and Air India Bahrain. There are a total of two airports with paved runways and one airport with unpaved runways.

Helicopters can be a great option to get to Bahrain. There is a heliport in the country that helps in the landing of helicopters.

Bahrain Transportation also includes various ports and harbors. You can find ports and harbors at Manama, Sitrah, Mina and Salman. It receives various cargo ships, tanker ships and passenger ships.

Road transports are also very common in Bahrain. Your Bahrain Travel can be a great experience because of the long stretches of highways.
Various internal transportations also help the tourists to get around the country and have great fun. Taxi services are a great option, which you can avail as a major mode of Transportation in Bahrain. You can also be helped a lot by the car rentals. Buses also ply on the streets of Bahrain. Make your travel to this country a worthwhile one by availing the various modes of transportation.

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