Transportation in Spain

Spain is a popular holiday destination in Europe. Large numbers of tourists visit Spain for their serene beaches and picturesque landscapes. Spain is also known as the country of mountains. Different rulers have ruled over Spain, leaving a mark and adding to its glorious history. Although time always runs short, the easy and well-connected transportation in Spain helps to enhance the pleasure journey, nevertheless. Transportation in Spain is also very convenient.
Following are the different modes of Transportation in Spain that one could avail while touring to this country: On Rail:
Spain’s railroad system is extensive with comfortable and fast trains. The fares are the best offered in Europe. RENFE is the national network in Spain. AL ANDALUS EXPRESS is one of the most luxurious sightseeing trains of Europe. It has classic cars in the modern “grand luxe” style. Salon/Bedroom cars have a 5-stars accommodation facility. It includes meals and excursions. The AL ANDALUS Express has several routes, but is connected daily from Madrid to Andalusia.
Another sightseeing train is THE TRANSCANTABRICO. It covers the Northern and the northwestern part of Spain. This is an air-conditioned train with showers, live music, bars, and meals.
Spain’s sleek bullet train, AVE, is the link between Madrid and Seville. It goes through Ciudad Real and Cordoba. The speed of the train is 185 miles per hour, it is also known as the ultramodern train. The journey between Madrid-Seville is completed in just 2 hours 30 minutes by this train.
The TALGO is the fully air-conditioned train that travels throughout Spain. EUROMEDS are the new fast and sleek trains that travel from the Mediterranean Coast. They cut your time from Barcelona to Valencia. Rail Europe sells the tickets and passes only for Spain. You can purchase tickets and passes from here.
On Road:An efficient and comfortable public bus service is available in Spain. Buses from major tourist centers are very convenient for short trips and excursions. The schedule and information can be obtained from the Local tourist offices. Metered Taxi service is available in all the major cities of Spain.
On Sea: From the mainland, travelers can visit the Spanish Island by the COMPANIA TRANSMEDITERRANEA. It is a national carrier having regular scheduled ferries. It goes from Barcelona and Valencia to the Balearic Islands and from Cadiz to the Canary Islands. The inert-island service is also provided by TRANSMEDITERRANEA. The company also offers its services to North Africa. It provides service from Almeria and Malaga to Melilla and also from Algeciras to Tangiers and Ceuta. Reservations are available at the headquarters in Madrid. Now Modern Hydrofoil ships are linked from Mainland Spain to Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Algeciras and Tangier.

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