Trekking in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra has quite a lot of viable places which are know as trekkers destinations. Andhra Pradesh is not a heaven for trekking, but has significant options which are no less beautiful to other famous trekking trails.Talakona is a top trekking destination in Andhra Pradesh. Located near Tirupati in Chittoor district, it is a part of the famous Sri Venkateswara National Park. The Talakona Waterfalls cascading from a height of 270 feet is the highest waterfall in the Andhra Pradesh and one of the major trekking spot in the national park. The entire area encompassing the park is renowned for its waterfalls and serene atmosphere.

Borra Caves

The Borra caves (Borra Guhalu) in the Ananthagiri hills of the Araku valley. The caves is one of the largest in the country and it is basically karstic limestone.The trip to Borra Caves cover interesting attractions like Tyada Railway Tunnel, Damuku View Point, Ananthagiri Coffee Plantation, Padmapuram Gardens and the Araku Valley. A walk around the caves provides an impressive view of the mountainous area which is rich in flora and fauna.

Araku Valley

The picturesque Araku Valley is a top excursion and trekking destination in Andhra Pradesh. The beautiful valley is also a popular hill station featuring natural attractions like scenic landscape, striking hills, cascading waterfalls and gorgeous valleys. There are ample trekking opportunities in Araku that spellbinds the adventure buffs. A trekking tour in the valley takes tourists close to nature and provides a wonderful and unique experience. The lush greenery of the deep valleys along with the shimmering waters of gorges is a treat to watch and casts a spell around the visitors.

Anantagiri Hills

It’s a place where lush green hills appear bantering with the clouds and ravines pacifying the thirst of foliage. Known as a summer resort place, Anantagiri Hills serves as the best destination to beat the heat of scorching sun. The loveliest fact about this place is that its beauty is untouched by the commercial city life. Dotted with trees and gorges, the hill-station is a wonderful place to relax and unwind yourself.Amidst the refreshing natural splendor, this hill station is certainly a paradise for all, mainly because of its serene atmosphere. Regarding the flora, Anantagiri forests embrace vast variety of medicinal plants and herbs. Cascading gorges, beautiful landscape and lush greenery would replenish your energies and revive you to the soul.

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