Trekking in Cambodia

Trekking is a great way to see more than just temples in Cambodia. Following our carefully researched itinerary you will experience the beauty of Cambodia safely. You have to choose places that are safe to trek. The famous trekking areas in Cambodia are the Cardamon Mountains, Mondulkiri Province, Virachey National Park, and Ratanakiri. Kulen National Park is another worth trekking place in Cambodia. In Mekong trekking discover the life of people along the Mekong river, visit the hill tribe people in the northeast, nature and National Park, visit to the community in Chambok, Phnom Penh capital, Angkor complex, Kulen and Beng Mealea. Walk approximately 107km. The path is less rocky and climb, then mostly flat. View the rare Mekong River Dolphins either from boat tour or from the river bank. The spectacular river scenery and the rural, friendly villages are added attractions.

In Rattanakiri nicknamed “the Red City” because of the omnipresent laterite walk to the volcanic lake, Yak Lom in a superb location surrounded by pristine rainforest. Swim or take a stroll around the lake. Trekking (12km) up Kulen National Park and Beng Mealea temple which is really worth a visit to get rid of the crowded tourst in Siem Reap. Beng Mealea is an untouched temple hidden in the jungle surrounded by its mood 900 meters by 1,200 meters. Beng Mealea is a beautiful, charming temple. It has it own character which cannot be found in any other temple.

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