Trekking in China

Trekking in China promises to give you your fill of adventure, as never before. The country of China , landscaped by snowcapped mountains, offers excellent trails up the mountain slopes to indulge in Trekking in China.

Avail the services of the popular tour operators or travel agencies in China to arrange Trekking Tours in China. These agencies will provide you with trained trekking guides to lead you along the various trekking trails carved out amidst the mountains in China. For trekking you are are required to carry boots, ropes and warm clothes which will come handy while trekking.

Trekking Destinations in China – Kanas Lake, Daocheng-Yading, Meli Snow Mt.( Kawa Karpo).

Kanas Lake – The Kanas Lake is situated in Xinjiang, 150 kilometers away from the town of Bu’erjin in China. It is set amidst the Altay Mountains. The banks of the lake are covered with a carpet of green forests. The lake is situated at a height of 1,374 meters above sea-level. In the placid waters of the lake you will catch the reflection of the snowcapped Altas mountains.

The forests are home to various South Siberian plants and animals. The lake is famous for changing colors. It changes its colors from dark green to blue to gray to white. The most popular trekking route here is the route from Jiadengyu to Joint of Kanas River and Hemu river to Hemu to Black Lake to Kanas lake. The trekking tour will last 3 to 4 days. Carry a lot of warm clothes while trekking around Kanas lake. The best time to go for trekking here is during August-Septamber.

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