Trekking in Kashmir

The rough and rugged lanes of Jammu and Kashmir offer the tourists with a wonderful opportunity for trekking to the higher altitudes. Endowed with natural scenic beauty, Jammu and Kashmir is also famous for the plethora of sporting activities that enables one to find out their latent sporting zeal and sportsman spirit. Kishtwar of Jammu and Kashmir serves as an important base for trekking. Most of the tourists start their adventure sport of trekking from the Kishtwar base. One of the most prominent trekking tour starts from Kishtwar and ends at the shrine of Amarnath.

Other trekking sites in Kashmir – Gulamarg also serves as a prominent base for trekking and those tourists who wish to travel to Tosamaidan usually travel through this path. Sonamarg and Zanskar mountain ranges are particular noted for their rough terrains and great heights.

Severe cold, rough alleys and nature’s wrath, nothing can stop the indomitable spirit of the tourists who love to cross the hazardous paths and reach their destination. Dressed in the attire of a sportsperson, the tourists trek to the higher altitude with the proper guidance and help of the professional mountaineer.

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