Trekking in Macau

Macau, with its host of adventure activities, is an exciting destination for the enthusiasts. Trekking in Macau is one of the popular adventures among others. The highland trails of Macau have many surprises in store. If you are a genuine trekking enthusiast, Macau has a lot to offer.
Reaching new destinations, treading through the unfamiliar wilderness where new surprises await at every turn, holds unmatched charm and appeals to a whole lot of people. Trekking is considered a thrilling adventure all over the world. In fact a lot of people come to the trekking trails in Macau from around the world.
Some of the popular trekking routes in Macau are located on the Guia Hill and the hills of Taipa and Coloane. Guia Hills overlooking the Macau peninsula is the top destination for trekking in Macau. But the trails on Taipa and Coloane also offer exciting routes to follow.
Safe routes couple with the panoramic view to make for exciting trekking opportunities in Macau. For the nature lovers and the photographers, trekking in Macau sounds no less than wonderful. You would chance upon a variety of flora and fauna along the trails. A bird’s eye view at the city beyond, little hillside villages, not to mention the islands floating on the azure Pearl River, offer lifetime spectacle indeed.
There are several trekking organizations in Macao, which organize trekking events from time to time. If you are already on a trip and should you require any information or assistance the organizations also come up handy.
So pack your bags and head straight for a trekking in Macao. You would surely have memories to cherish forever

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