Trekking in Mizoram

Mizoram offers a number of trekking options in the lush green forests and valleys, which include Champai and Luglei Town. One can also trek the well known Phawangpui Peak in Mizoram, also known as the Blue Mountain and is located within the Phawangpui National Park. It lies 7,100 feet above the sea level and serves as the perfect spot for trekkers. Travellers opting for trekking have to be physically fit and strong to take up the task. Don’t forget to carry a pair of comfortable sneakers and bottled water as they are very essential.

Mountain trekking in Aizawl is an enriching experience as the mountain trek here offers a view of thick bamboo forests and a plethora of exquisite flora and fauna. The rivers on the mountain trek run like narrow ribbons and infuse a sense of excitement and adventure in the minds of the tourists. The hills that course in the north-south direction are replete with green vegetation throughout the year. The highest mountain peak in Aizawl is the Phawngpui Mountain, which means ‘vast meadow’, and is also known as ‘Blue Mountain’. Once you reach the Phawngpui Mountain peak, you will feel exhilarated and witness the breathtaking site of a garden full of Rhododendrons with their pleasing scent. The view of the blue hazed hills and valleys from the peak is magnificent.

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