Trekking in Myanmar

Trekking can be done in many places in Myanmar especially in the mountainous region of Myanmar or Burma. Visitors have the opportunities to go and visit the tribal villages around Natma Taung (Mt. Victoria)in the Chin State , Northern western Myanmar, around the Inle lake, Pindaya or Kalaw in and around Kyaing Tong {Keng Tung}, eastern Myanmar.Well off the beaten track and far from any road, the best way to explore is by trekking, spending nights in monasteries along the way. Visitors can not only enjoy the scenery but also interact with the villagers .Chin villages around Natma Taung are not only picturesque but also interesting. The women folks in these Chin villages tattoo their faces accordingly to their ancient beliefs. Some have whorls, some have spider webs designs on their faces. The villages around Kyaing Tong are of many different tribal races. There are Akhas, the Lisus, Palaungs villages among others.Southern Shan State is the most popular area for trekking. Kalaw, Pindaya and Inle Lake are good starting points to nearby Palaung, Danu, Taung Yoe, Pao villages through pine woods, orchards and bamboo groves. This region produces temperate climate fruits such as pears, peaches and oranges in addition to rice, tea, wheat, soya beans, ground-nuts, tobacco, potatoes, garlic, sunflower seeds and dried green cordia leaves used as cheroot wrappers. You will stay overnight at private houses or at monasteries.

The Golden Triangle is well known for its scenic beauty and colorful hill tribes, still untouched by tourism. Kyaing Tong is the capital of Eastern Shan State region and easily accessible by flight from either, Yangon, Mandalay or Heho. It is also one of the most scenic spots and the start of many interesting treks into the surrounding mountains. Around Kyaing Tong there are many ethnic villages; Palaungs, Eng, Akha, Lahu etc. These ethnic tribes had surprisingly preserved their ancient customs and traditions as well as their unique and colorful dresses up to now. The Chin state is a mountainous region, and source of water for many river streams that wet the valleys of the mountain ranges, and flow down to the plain in the east and south. Kaw Nu Symm peak (also called Mt. Victoria or Nat Ma Taung) is the highest mountain in the Chin state, reaching a height of 10200 feet or 3100 meters above sea level. A land of misty skies, towering pines, and the beautiful Alpen rose or Tree rhododendrons, much of the state offers vistas of unspoiled charm. It is an excellent place for bird watching, trekking, mountaineering, culture, nature and adventure tours where the weather stays cool the whole year round, and not far from the ancient temple city of Bagan. Putao is the starting point for Myanmar's most adventurous trekking adventures.

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