Trekking in Pachmarhi

Enjoy a wondrous trek in Pachmarhi. Starting off from the famed Pandav Caves right up to Dhoopgarh; trekking in Pachmarhi would acquaint you of the serene scapes of the Satpura Range. The Pandav Caves are said to have nestled the five Pandav brothers (heroes of the of world’s longest epic, the Mahabharat) during their exile. In fact Pachmarhi has been named after these five caves. Enjoy the panoramas of wooded hills, span deep gorges and the impressive sight of the Big Falls.Trek up to the Falls to watch the stream fall across a deep gorge while you soak in some sun. You could even venture out to explore the Fairy Pool (aka ApsaraVihar) which apparently was a favourite picnic spot with the British. Your spirutality and faith would not be questioned in case you take the road leading to Jata Shankar. The sacred caves have intriguing shapes of crocodiles and Shivlings caused due to geological forces and dripping water. But the highest point in Pachmarhi is Dhoopgarh. At 1, 350 m above sea level you can witness the spectacle of sunset over the hills of Pachmarhi. For most people this is an unforgettable finale to their visit to this hill station.

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