Trekking in Thailand

Trekking in Thailand will become one of the best and unforgettable experiences if it is done in the northern part of Thailand. Chiang Mai is undoubtedly the trekking hub. The mountains in the interior part of the region, lush tropical vegetation and fascinating hill tribe villages which act as your hosts and will add up to a fantastic experience among unspoilt nature. Trekking in Thailand is the perfect thing to do in order to escape from the crowded cities and the outskirts of Chiang Mai are the perfect place to be with the nature and explore the hidden treasures of the nature.
Trekking in Thailand will be the most exciting things to happen as a trek in Chiang Mai will last between three and five days and can also envelop fun activities such as elephant riding and skiff rafting down rivers. But there will also be quite a bit of walking – sometimes uphill! A tourist should carry a backpack (or better still a daypack) with limited clothing plus and a sleeping bag and warm jacket during the winter months.

The routes are generally planned to feature several of the different hill tribe villages, allowing you to make acquainted yourself with several of these unique and colorful cultural minority groups. They include the Hmong, Karen, Mein, Lisu, Akkha and Paduang to mention a few.

All these features are surely going to make a tourist’s Trekking in Thailand one of the most memorable and pleasant experiences.

A trek will cost the tourist 500 baht a day and the best time to go for the trekking is between November and February and this is the time when the temperature is cool and the vegetation is lush.

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