Trekking to Son Tra

As it is a restricted area, this will be a special chance for tourists and residents to discover the natural life of the area and to learn about its history.

The trekking tour to explore the primeval forest will be held on July 9. Tourists will be taken by bus to a broadcasting station run by Danang Television about 320m up the mountain. From there, it takes 15 minutes to walk to where they can see the whole city below. Tourists can then go to a radar station on the mountain top at 569m. They will see the sickle-shaped Danang Bay linked with Hai Van Mountain in the distance.

The next stop of the trip will be a military airport at 647m where U.S. forces operated helicopters to provide supplies to soldiers on the mountain during the Vietnam War.

The sight of monkeys and rare birds is also a feature of this trip. The tour organizer then takes tourists to resorts under construction along the beautiful beaches at the foot of the mountain. These are expected to help turn this city of Central Vietnam into an international beach tourism destination.

Among the historic events the area witnessed was the first combat of soldiers of the Nguyen Dynasty against the invading troops of France and Spain in 1858. The French soldiers retreated after building a military graveyard at the foot of Son Tra Mountain. The graveyard has been well-kept and has become a spot for European tourists. Despite the victory in Danang, from that time Vietnam fell under the 80-year-long French colonial rule.

During the Vietnam War, Son Tra, or Monkey Mountain to the Americans, was a big U.S. army base. The Canadian-made documentary Ten Thousand Day War recorded many operations at the base. The U.S. force built an airport and observation post on the mountain top, and a port, naval base and chapel at the mountain’s foot.

(Saigon Times)

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