Tribes in Jharkhand

The ancient tribes of the state of Jharkhand include Birhor, Asur, Birajia and Mal Paharia. Some other ancient tribes of Jharkhand are Sauriya Paharia, Hill Kharia or Sabar, Parahiya and Korba.

Most of the people belonging to different Jharkhand tribes dwell in villages. These villages are grouped into tolas. They live in mud houses, which are devoid of any window. They often adorn the external surface of their houses with paintings. The major food for these tribal people is rice and the flesh of birds and animals.

According to the famous anthropologist LP Vidyarthi, the tribes of Jharkhand can be broadly classified according to the different ways of livelihood that they practice. The tribes in Jharkhand that are mainly artisans by profession are Lohra, Mahli, Karmali and Chick Baraik. The major tribes that depend on gathering and hunting for their livelihood are the Korwa, the Birhor and the Hill Kharia.

Some of the tribes of the state of Jharkhand practice settled agriculture. A few important names of tribes engaged in this profession are Munda, Santhal and Ho. Oraon and Bhumij are also involved in settled agriculture in the state. Some tribes at Jharkhand are engaged in shifting agriculture for their bread and butter. Sauria Paharia is one such tribe.

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