Tucson is Arizona’s second largest city and the home of the University of Arizona.

Tucson is home of the Tucson Rodeo, now in its 76th year. It also hosts the Tucson Rodeo Parade.

Every year, Tucson hosts the Gem and Mineral Show which brings visitors and merchants from all over the world.

The best cup of coffee and the best Italian soda in town are at Safehouse. As long as you can put up with strange clientele and a funky, smoke-filled atmosphere, you’re in for a treat. There’s no need to head for a Starbuck’s in Tucson; locally owned cafes with better coffee and fantastic pastries are all over this city. In the middle of the night, avoid Denny’s and head for the Grill, on Congress, which is open 24 hours and serves fantastic food for about the same as chains.

For Mexican food at bargain prices, there are few places betterr than El Guero Canelo, on 12th Avenue. It’s cheaper than cheap, has outside seating only, and boasts a fantastic condiment bar. Stop at Oasis for an amazing fruity shaved ice treat on the way back, and watch cruisers take over 12th Ave on a hot summer night from their outdoor patio. Visitors on less stringent budgets should be sure not to miss Cafe Poca Cosa, claimed by many natives to be the best restaurant in town.

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