Tumen ekh Ensemble

The Tumen Ekh Ensemble is one of the best national song and dance ensemble in Mongolia. Tumen Ekh in Mongolian (language) is the expression of a leader or vanguard of everything. In 1989, a group of outstanding artists took the name of the famous folk song Tumen Ekh, and joined together to form this ensemble.

There are traditional Mongolian string and wind instruments, as well as drums and gongs. Mongolians have made their music through the ages using metal, stone, bamboo, leather and wood. The most popular musical instrument is the Morin Khuur (horse fiddle), which is said to represent the movement and sounds of a horse.

The Tumen Ekh Ensemble is the home of 40 professional artists well known in Mongolia and abroad. They perform not only on stage regularly, also tutor and do research in various institutions. During the last 15 years, Tumen Ekh Ensemble has paid visits to more than 30 countries showing to the people of the world the unique, attractive, colorful and wonderful Mongolian performances. It has been well received at the World Music Center in New York, the Millennium Stage of the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C, the Buckingham Palace in Great Britain, the UN Center…The hall of fame is decorated with

– The Grand Prix from the International Festival, France, 1994
– The Bronze Medal awarded by Japanese Mask Dance Contest, 1997
– The Best Ensemble of National Professional Musicians of All Mongolia, 2002
– Mongolian Image Award from The Trade & Industry Chamber of Mongolia, 2006

The Tumen Ekh Ensemble is not merely a performing group on stage. We welcome also, with the focus point on performing arts including but not limited to cultural exchanges, research and studies, training, creative activities, etc.

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