The city of T’ung-men is one of the well known tourist destinations in Taiwan. The country of Taiwan is frequented by lot of travelers who come here from different corners of the globe. The city has got convenient transport facilities and so the travelers can easily move from one place to another within the city. The neighboring areas of T’ung-men can be reached comfortably by all the visitors. The city has got good accommodation facilities and dining facilities as well. So the travelers can easily spend few days in this lovely place which is one of the popular destinations in Taiwan. The stay in this place will surely be remembered by all the visitors.


There are many places in the city of T’ung-men, where the visitors can go and cool off in the river bed. There are cool and clear mountain streams in this city. The place has got a pleasant climate. There are many hydro electric plants in the valley areas. There are many dams and water reservoirs in the region. While exploring the different areas of the city the visitors must carry torches with them, since there are many dark tunnels which will fall along the way. The visitors must carry warm clothes since the climate differs as the visitors go in higher altitudes. While camping, the visitors must carry food with them as well. There are many magnificent waterfalls in this city. The visitors must check out these sites since they are really very wonderful.

There are lots of hiking options in this city. One of the very well known hiking regions of this place is around the narrow gorge section which will take the hikers from Tongmen to Longjian. The hikers will cover around 20 kilometers. There is another very interesting hiking place in this city which takes three days. This tour starts from Tongmen, goes along the big mountains and ultimately reaches the Lushan hot spring.

The city has lot to offer to all the visitors. The tourists can check out the shopping areas of the place as well, since they can come across some unique items.

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