Tunisia: Money & Costs

Tunisia is not a budget buster, especially for Western visitors. It’s usually possible to get a clean room for about US$5.00 per person, and main dishes in local restaurants are often in the US$4.00 range. If you’re fighting to keep costs down, you can get by on around US$15.00 a day, but you’ll have more fun with a budget of about US$25.00 and can live like royalty for upwards of US$40.00 .
American Express, Visa and Thomas Cook travellers cheques are widely accepted, and the US dollar is a good currency to carry them in. ATMs are found in almost every town large enough to support a bank and certainly in all the tourist areas. Credit cards are accepted in souvenir shops and upmarket hotels and restaurants. Tipping is not a requirement, but most local café and restaurant patrons toss a few coins on the table as they leave, and waiters in tourist restaurants are accustomed to tips of around 10%. Handicrafts are about the only items you’ll be able to haggle over in Tunisia.
Currency of Tunisia is Tunisia Dollar.